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Top 7 Reasons To Choose A Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Top 7 Reasons To Choose A Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Choosing your wedding venue can be complicated, yet some places are incredibly easy to fall for. Would you like to declare your eternal love on the shore of a 2 million-year-old Alpine lake? If so, Lake Tahoe will make an irresistible venue for you and your guests. 

Its abundance of offers is overwhelming. Whether you choose to say your vows next to the water line or well above the treetops, you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression. No matter how big or small and intimate your event will be!

Why is your wedding venue so important, after all?

You’re in love. Over the moon about saying “I do” to the one you do love the most. You’d think you could do it anywhere, because it doesn’t matter where you do it, as long as you’re with your one and only. But then again, you’re only doing it once. And there are many people you cherish, with whom you’d very much want to share that special day. You’re right; you can’t just get married anywhere.

In fact, a gorgeous setting is one of the most important aspects of planning your intimate celebration. On the one hand, the location will dictate the most appropriate season for the ceremony, the wedding theme, or what type of wedding photos you’ll get to enjoy. 

On the other hand, the wedding venue will impact the more technical aspects. Like the guests’ access, and how easy they’ll be able to come, whether from within or outside the state. Or what are the fun things you can engage them in, during their stay?

The problem is that if you’re dreaming of a ceremony set on a scenic mountaintop with breathtaking forest views and a panoramic lake that makes your heart skip a bit, the logistics are usually complicated.

Nevertheless, that’s not the case with Lake Tahoe…

What makes Lake Tahoe the absolute perfect wedding venue?

An international attraction of serene beauty, often considered a natural wonder, Lake Tahoe has everything it takes to make a perfect wedding venue for you. Regardless of your tastes and preferences! Yes, that’s a bold statement. But one that can be easily backed up. Below, you’ll find 7 reasons you can hardly reject.

Without further ado, here’s why you’ll fall for a Lake Tahoe wedding venue:

1.Makes the ideal setting for a celebrity-like wedding

Back in 2005, Clueless star Alicia Silverstone chose the shores of Lake Tahoe to marry Christopher Jarecki. Their wedding was forest-themed, all organic, with an all-vegan menu, beeswax candles, and a ton of lovely details. Among all the outstanding things celebs do on such occasions, Alicia chose to have a big campfire at her wedding, where guests sang Beatles songs, and it was a blast…

Suffices to say that whether you’re more or less of a celebrity, and whether you want a small, private event or a bubbly party with hundreds of guests, you can have it in Lake Tahoe. What’s more, you can spice it up in pretty much any way you can think of. Play the role of an arrogant celeb if you want. Or not. The point is, whatever you set your mind on, you can do it.

2. Sets the tone for exclusivity, with minimum efforts on your side

Are you looking for a sense of exclusivity? The solemn atmosphere around the lake and the forests dotting its shores is hard to match. The freshwater lake, the calming nature, they all contribute to making your wedding day more special.

You can enjoy a private party in the heart of nature, away from the city hustle and bustle. And you don’t have to make any efforts to get to this location. Some of the best Lake Tahoe wedding venues are strategically positioned to give you access to more secluded, charming areas where you can plan your big day just the way you picture it.

3. Stands out as an accessible destination for all of your guests

Known as a fab wedding destination by many, Lake Tahoe is a hot tourist destination for even more people. One of the top reasons is that it is super accessible. It literally sits in two states. If you’re having guests coming from Nevada, they’ll get there in less than an hour by car. If they’re coming from San Francisco, Palo Alto or Sacramento, they’ll only be driving two or three hours through California.

What’s more, there are a few daily flights your wedding guests can take when coming out of state. So, there are no excuses for not being able to make it to your chosen destination. Access is easy, any way you look at it.

4. Allows you to spoil your guests in unexpected ways

Coming to such an attractive tourist destination just to attend a wedding simply is impossible. So, you won’t help but offer them the perfect pretext for an extended getaway. Whoever comes to your wedding will certainly have a lot more on their to-do list than watching you say your vows.

Those who prefer a slower pace will find it either with indoor or outdoor activities. From simply enjoying the ravishing beauty of the natural woods to delving into the calming and refreshing atmosphere of a luxury spa, the options are generous.

The same goes for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Whether on a boat cruise, jet skiing, wake surfing, skiing on the snowy slopes, or just going all-in at one of the nearby casinos, your guests won’t have time to get bored. And they will probably not want to leave anytime soon, either!

5. Lays an all-natural romantic scenery at your feet

One of the best parts about choosing your Lake Tahoe wedding venue is that you won’t have to bother too much with the decorations. The spectacular outdoors will offer you a serene setting and landscapes that simply need no embellishments.

You can decide for an afternoon or morning wedding. Either way, the lush forest backdrops will make it all look like a world of its own. Your wedding venue in Tahoe South, towered by pines and with the sun filtering through the heavy greeneries, will also make a perfect setting for your wedding photos. 

Any photographer would love the opportunity of capturing these unforgettable moments in such a special place. And you can be sure that little to no props will be required.

6. Is still the best choice, for any of your favorite seasons

Do you love the clear blue skies from the middle of the summer? Or you’re more of a fan of stormy weather, dreaming of a fairytale winter wedding? Lake Tahoe will look stunning in any of these circumstances. And as already shown, it will offer you endless opportunities to pamper or entertain your loved ones.

What’s more, all Lake Tahoe wedding venues are ready to offer you a remarkable experience. Want a warm, fuzzy indoor wedding with lots of hot drinks and an enticing fireplace reception? Perhaps a warming-up wedding with lavishing flowers that bloom from the melting snow backdrops? 

How about a sizzling hot summer wedding with lots of sunshine on which you can cast shine with a forest trash-the-dress photo session? Or more like a quiet, chill fall wedding with changing leaves and a sheer shade of gold embracing the whole of the nature?

The best season for a Lake Tahoe wedding truly only comes down to your personal preferences, your connection to the lake, and your openness to what the weather might bring along. Every season is perfect, as long as you love it, and you know what to expect from it. 

7. Has quite a few expert wedding planners for you to choose from

Destination weddings require a professional who knows the ins and outs of planning a Lake Tahoe wedding. With so many people heading to the lake for their big day, you can be sure that there’s a great offer of talented wedding professionals who specifically focus on this area. 

And so, from an actual wedding planner to a skilled photographer or a rental service, anything you need you can find locally. The offer is generous, the prices are competitive, which will allow you to get a great deal, within your budget, perfect for your needs, and handled by a pro.


Keep in mind that these are just a few reasons for choosing Lake Tahoe as your wedding destination. If you want a preview of how it could all be, consider a short getaway in one of the Lake Tahoe wedding venues or even plan your bachelorette or bachelor party in Lake Tahoe. Here, at The Venue, we’re happy to host you for any event, always ready to give you valuable advice on how to make it all unforgettable!

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