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A detailed guide on how to choose the perfect wedding venue in Lake Tahoe
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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Lake Tahoe

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Lake Tahoe

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While there’s no shortage of perfect wedding venues in Lake Tahoe, choosing one is no piece of cake. It has to match your expectations, your event style. As regular hosts of such events, we’re here to show you what makes a difference, and what things you should specifically take into account.

How to choose the perfect wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, you wonder? Here are 10 valuable tips to begin with:

Now let’s talk about the specifics of each of these steps, to help you better understand why they matter and what exactly you should be doing about it.

  • Get to know the entire area
  • Lakeside vs. high mountain venue
  • Write down the guest list and budget
  • Shortlist the venues that align with your vision
  • Talk to a planner about your selection
  • Consider accommodation & amenities
  • Does the venue emphasize the season?
  • Do they support a bad weather plan B?
  • Any help with guest transportation?
  • Can you get an all-inclusive package?

Get to know the entire area

Choosing the best Lake Tahoe wedding venue implies knowing all the options. From South Lake Tahoe to Incline Village & Crystal Bay, there are many different areas of Lake Tahoe, each one with its particularities. Think of:

  • South Lake Tahoe – the biggest town in the area, right at the south end of the lake, with plenty of wedding planning resources;
  • Truckee – the charming California mountain town takes pride in its wedding experts being praised by The Knot, so you might want to work with one of them;
  • Tahoe City & West Shore – yet another versatile option, Tahoe City can offer something special with any wedding, in any season;
  • Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows – without a doubt, this is one of the best places around Lake Tahoe for planning a winter wedding and ski lovers know it too well;
  • King Beach & North Shore – the prime destination for anyone equipped with a beach towel, the King Beach is a non-pretentious, always sunny place, ideal for the most relaxed wedding you can think of;
  • Incline Village & Crystal Bay – couples have total freedom in planning their wedding day as desired in Incline Village, and some of the most stunning mountain retreats are available there.

Lakeside vs. high mountain venue

Emerald Bay, Regan Beach, or any other spot on the shore of Lake Tahoe will spoil you with mesmerizing venues. The backdrops are priceless, whether you choose to have your wedding ceremony or the reception outdoor. Not to mention the countless romantic beach locations will let you plan a wedding with a unique, distinctive appeal. 

Yet, believe it or not, the same goes for choosing a wedding at high altitude, in a mountain resort, with mind-blowing peak views or forest nooks waiting to serve as scenery. Ask yourself which of these two options you’d love most, and focus on it as a decisive factor in shortlisting your Tahoe wedding venues.

Write down guest list and budget

Working with a reliable guest list will help you make sure that you choose a venue that can accommodate your guests to perfection. You don’t want it to be too cramped, but you wouldn’t want to pay more than you have to, either. The guest list will give you solid reference on what resort to look for and how much you can expect it to cost you. Can you afford it? 

Needless to say, you don’t need the stress of booking a location that is somewhat above your financial possibilities. And you can be sure there are plenty of options out there that will fit the bill for you. Just keep searching for the right one!

Shortlist venues that align with your vision

Dreaming of a spring or summer wedding wit a majestic waterfront? Perhaps even a sprawling lawn backed by mountains? Or you’re more into the type of winter celebration with cozy mountain lodges and fireplace-lighted ballrooms with lake views?

Your vision must be in line with what the wedding venue can offer you. Read as much as you can about the location. Visit it yourself, more than once. Can you picture yourself getting married in there?

Talk to a planner about your selection

With a shortlist of perfect wedding venues in Lake Tahoe, pick the brain of a local wedding planner. They certainly know the ins-and-outs of the place. And if anything doesn’t fit your plan, they should be able to make pertinent comments and give you valuable insights. 

A single consultation meeting will shed a lot of light. Though hiring a local pro to help you navigate through all the details will certainly come in handy.

Consider accommodation & amenities

From how much space your guests will have to the overall amenities and the special setting for the bride and groom, there’s a lot you want to know of. 

Does the rental fee include a dedicated area for the bride’s dressing and suite? Is there a groom’s dressing area, too? Will you have a day-of coordinator? Any chance of outdoor lighting? Will you be getting full kitchen facilities? 

All these details can make a difference and, as you can notice, are details that an experienced wedding planner could walk you through!

Does the venue emphasize the season?

Simply planning your wedding day the way you’ve always dreamed it would be can be quite tempting. However, you’re much better considering the season you’re getting married in, especially when choosing the venue. 

That’s because some venues are simply made for summer weddings only – think of the ones with luscious gardens or charming slope-side meadows, for instance. While others – like the ones from the sky slopes, are best for winter wonderland celebrations.

Make the best of what your chosen season has to offer you, and make sure that your chosen location will help you emphasize the beauty specific to that time of the year.

Do they support a bad weather plan B?

In talking about the reasons to choose a Lake Tahoe wedding venue for your big day, we mentioned how the area is perfect for getting married in any season. As mentioned in there, you’ll have to be opened to whatever the weather might bring along. 

But the same applies to your wedding venue, which should be able to accommodate your guests in any condition. Especially if you’re planning a garden or forest wedding, check whether there are any restrictions or limitations in setting up a tent. Or if there’s any alternative they can provide you with, in case that the weather decides to play you tricks.

Any help with guest transportation?

When chasing the most picturesque settings, you could easily forget the more practical, logistic details, like how are ALL of your guests supposed to get there? 

Secluded privacy poses some challenges but the best Tahoe venues should be able to provide you with alternatives. If that’s not the case, focus on finding locations within a reasonable distance for your guests or work with a planner to set these details.

Can you get an all-inclusive package?

Last but not least, you might want to check with your wedding venue to see if or what kind of packages they can provide you with. Giving up on some of the creative or personalization control will reward you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing a professional will take care of all the aspects, for you. If you love the location and you have the option to let others bother with the planning, even better!


As an extra yet very special tip, try to stay true to who you are and what you actually love! While researching for the perfect wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, you’ll see so many wedding pictures online that you could easily fall in love with something you’ve seen over the web. 

Does that really feel authentic to you and your loved one?

If you plan your special day in that way, in that specific location, will it truly represent who you are? 

Will your Tahoe wedding venue allow you to feel as comfortable and natural as you’d want to feel on the day you say I Do?

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